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Auto Import

Auto Import
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Auto Import is our newest and most exciting OpenCart extension.  Auto Import is the next step up from our CSV, XML, and Total Import PRO extensions as it is set up as a cron job.  This means Auto Import, once installed and configured (this service comes free with purchase), will automatically run without you needing to choose settings each time.  This can be set up at whatever time and as regular as you require - so you don't have to worry about importing your product information again!  Set and forget!

Available for OpenCart v1.4.9+

Features include:

  • Download remote images (images stored on other servers) and upload them to your OpenCart store - a huge time saving
  • Automatic imports if your webhost supports Cron Tasks
  • More flexibility with your feed format (e.g., multiple product feeds, one for your categories, the other for the rest of your product information)
  • Can be configured to import product options and/or product attributes (dependent on product feeds)


  • If you require extensive customization this may incur additional charges. Please get in touch with us before purchasing this product to verify your requirements.

Additional Tools:

Stop wasting time on importing your product information- invest in this product, and focus on running your store!


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