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CSV Import PRO Updates

Justin | Monday, 10 October 2011

CSV Import PROWe have done some major upgrades to our CSV Import PRO module recently, and there are more improvements on the horizon. For those who subscribe to our RSS feed, we thought we'd make a mention of it in case you want to get the latest version.

Firstly, I must apologize. The release of the new updates wasn't as smooth as we'd hoped, and we've paid the price in our inbox volumes. There were several bugs introduced affecting all new users of the module as we didn't have the test coverage we should have for the new functinoality. Sorry for this, we are looking to improve our testing systems to prevent this occurring again in future, and to speed up our development cycle.

Secondly, I will outline some of the improvements:

Multi Categories

The most significant improvement is the support of multiple top level categories. Previously, the CSV Import PRO module only supported a single top level category, with unlimited subcategories below it. We have added support for multiple top level categories now, each with their own sub categories. This will be helpful to many existing users I have spoken to.

Unzip Feeds

If your supplier offers a zipped feed which you wish to fetch through the CSV Import PRO feed URL functionality, you can now do so. Previously you would have needed to unzip it and then upload it, but now the CSV Import PRO can unzip files for you.

Smarter Updates

The add/update function now makes smarter choices about default values. If you wish to import a special price field but have empty values for some products, the update functionality will remove any existing special price for that product, rather than giving it a new special price of $0.00!

Bug Fixes

Recently a user pointed out that the additional images functionality was adding additional images unnecessarily. We have fixed this bug.

Once again, thank you for supporting our work, we've had some great feedback on this tool as well as the usual feature requests. If you have an idea for a feature you'd like to see in the next round of updates, leave a comment below and we'll be sure to consider it!


Hi, After the installation i tried i intended to logon to admin so i entered the path www.xxxx.xx/admin in my browser. The admin login was now mowed to the left, not in center. So i login and the only parts of the meny was Stoe Fron and Log Out. And they where hidden behind a black banner. Tried to change back in headewr.tpl but it didn't help. Had to re-install everything. How do i get this to work?? Please advise. Br Gert Persmark
Justin V.

The update will be in your account, and the change log is included with the download. If you don't have the module in your account because you purchased it on our old store, just send us an email letting us know your account details and we'll give you instructions to add it.

Do we need to pay for update download. What is the link? and is there is any Changelog?

any changelog?
Justin V.

We haven't found any characters that haven't worked yet, I think Cyrillic is within UTF8 - if you make sure your file is UTF8 and all characters proper UTF8 you should be able to import your alphabet.

Does not work with Cyrillic, can this be fixed?

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