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AJAX Progress Bars and Total Import PRO

Justin V. | Sunday, 28 September 2014

Matt has been busy working away not only on porting our most popular modules to Prestashop, but also improving some features in the process. One often requested feature is an AJAX import at Step 5 of Total Import PRO, which we are pleased to announce has been released. This means no more white screen of death or timeouts when you run the import at step 5 - the import is run in smaller chunks rather than all in one hit, and the new progress bar displays progress as the import happens.

An excellent improvement in itself, the AJAX import has also allowed a greater degree of error catching and handling, meaning that pesky errors with import settings and php.ini settings no longer disrupt the import mysteriously. All error messages are displayed, meaning you can remedy them as you go or get in touch with more specific information about your issue and have our support team resolve them more efficiently.

There are also other improvements that have been added recently, so I recommend you download the latest updates from your account, if you haven't already. Remember, the release of OpenCart 2.0 may signal a change in payment terms for OpenCart modules, so it is definitely worth being up to date before that release.



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