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OpenCart v2.3.0.2 Release

Matt L. | Wednesday, 03 August 2016

The latest version of OpenCart has been released and our tools have been tested and are working with no problems in this new update.

OpenCart's Menu system was changed in this latest update which means that the old OCmod file for adding a menu shortcut was broken. We have released a patch so make sure you download a fresh copy from the downloads section of your account to get the updated OCmod file.


After spending a little bit of time with this new version we can say that our initial feedback is positive, we like the new Extensions page and the tweaks to the modification system. Let us know in the comments what your favourite part of this update is!


Need to migrate your store from an older version of OpenCart to the newest version?

Any Feed PRO makes it easy for you to export your products into a CSV/XML file

Total Import PRO is a powerful product importing tool which can import your products from a CSV/XML file

To make things even easier for you, we have packaged both tools into a single bundle and even added a discount on top, Product Import/Export PRO is the solution for you.



are you planning to upgrade your "Random Products" extension to 2.3 also ? https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=2053&filter_search=categories&filter_license=1&page=11 and if yes, when?? Max

Hey how come you guys aren't responding to any emails / support tickets??

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