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Opencart 3.0 update

Justin V. | Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hi everyone, I'm sure you're all excited about the recent Opencart 3.0 upgrade and itching to get hold of your Total Import PRO, Any Feed, and other import/export tool updates so you can upgrade your store!

We are currently working on the updates to our modules and hope to release them all by the end of next week. The upgrades are fairly significant, including the template engine replacement (previously plain PHP, now Twig templates), but we will not be applying an upgrade charge for the 2.3.x to 3.0 upgrade.

I appreciate your continued support for our modules. I've been back on tickets recently and it's great to see how many folks love and rely on our tools, so thanks for being a part of that.


Nice, it's awesome that you came out with the Opencart 3.0 update. I've been keeping an eye out for new <a href="http://www.thedigitalbridges.com/five-things-user-know-backdoors/">backdoors</a>. Keep up the good work.
Sidney Dunavent

using the admin panel for oc3_0_0_0, to edit countries takes 20 seconds until a new page opens. Using the admin panel for oc2_3_0_0, to edit countries takes 3 seconds until a new page opens. both of these installations are at the same web host. Can anyone suggest how the newer version can be speeded up?

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