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Sunsetting HostJars Modules

Justin V. | Friday, 11 May 2018

After almost 8 years of working on Opencart import and export modules I have decided it is finally time to close down this part of the HostJars business. HostJars was founded on our module work so it is not an easy decision. Our first module was released in the very early days of the Opencart extension store. There were no equivalent modules to our import or export tools and it took much longer than anticipated for the first competitors to arise. The Opencart ecosystem has been good to us in starting up a business, but has made it somewhat difficult to grow that business. The module work margins have always been slim, and the ecosystem expects low priced modules that solve big problems for businesses. It has been enjoyable interacting with customers over the years and hearing about numerous import/export scenarios and many different types of businesses. However, at the same time supporting modules has been one of the greatest costs, usually even more intensive than actually the coding of the modules or custom work.

For this reason I have made the decision to close down the module work at HostJars. I did originally seek a suitable person or group to carry on the work, but there was no perfect fit found.

We will continue to make the modules available to customers who have purchased them from their accounts in our store here, and at opencart.com for the next 3 months. After that we will close all our operations, including the helpdesk. There is no reason why stores currently using the software will not be able to continue to do so successfully, providing they don't do any Opencart upgrades meantime. We will also still consider custom work requests to help with any issues individual stores may have.

Thanks again for your support over the last decade, I have personally enjoyed serving the Opencart community and business owners at large.

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