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Product Import/Export

Product Import/Export
Product Import/Export Product Import/Export
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With this packaged deal you will be purchasing Total Import PRO, and Any Feed these products work hand in hand for you and your products. We have released these two as a packaged deal because we see the importance of seamless ecommerce integration. This packaged deal allows you to get the beast of both worlds, you can Import thousands of products in seconds with Total Import Pro. You are able to import categories, attributes, manufacturers and much more. 
Once your products are in your store what do you do if you need to start using another ecommerce store? Use Any Feed of course. Any Feed allows you to export your entire store to a XML/CSV files, which are both compatible with Excel. Any Feed allows you to alter your products as you export them, for example you want to lower alll your prices by 10% you can easily acheive this with a simple export on Any Feed, and then you can Import them straight back in with Total Import PRO, saving you hundreds of hours trying to edit each individual product.
Overview of Products
Total Import Pro:
Total Import PRO allows you to easily upload your product information into your OpenCart store. Save yourself hours with this module and make inventory management a breeze. Use this module to import your dropshipper feed, integrate with POS, or simply to edit your products in Excel and upload in bulk. Simply upload your CSV or XML file, choose your settings, and click import - thousands of products imported in seconds!
  • Import products from a URL, FTP server or on your server
  • Add or update product fields
  • Schedule your import to run automatically on a cron task
  • Save settings to create repeatable import profiles
  • Automatically fetch images from a remote server
  • AJAX import makes large product feeds a breeze - no more memory limits or max execution time failures
  • Instant import of many dropshippers including:
  • Your dropshipper not listed? Let us know and we'll add it
  • ..And many more
Any Feed:
Produce any product feed you like from admin! Sometimes you need to create csv or xml feeds for third parties like your search provider, resellers etc. Any Feed takes the hassle out of the process by allowing you to cater for their requirements all through your admin panel in OpenCart. Pair Any Feed with Total Import PRO to make a powerful product migration tool. These two tools are perfect for keeping your stock levels up to date between stores.


  • Choose between XML or CSV feeds.
  • Specify root tag (XML)
  • Enable CDATA tags (XML)
  • Specify delimiter (CSV)
  • Enable or disable feed at the Feed Url
  • Add any of the supported fields to your feed: Additional Images, Attributes, Categories, Description, EAN, Filters, Height, ISBN, Image, JAN, Length, Location, MPN, Manufacturer, Meta Tag Description, Meta Tag Keywords, Model, Name, Options, Price, Product ID, Product Tags, Quantity, SEO Keyword, SKU, Special Price, UPC, URL, Weight, Width
  • Customize your field names
  • Strip HTML from product description
  • Create partial feeds with a limited number of products
  • Total Import PRO compatible
  • Seo friendly
  • Includes MijoShop 2.x compatible download


Need help installing Total Import PRO or Any Feed? Purchase our Installation Service to get set up in a jiffy.

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Need help getting started?  See our Knowledge Base forum on Total Import PRO for helpful articles.


If you're still not sure about which import tool you need, or if your feed works with our tools, please contact us at our helpdesk. Our team will be happy to assist you with your decision.


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