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OpenCart Optimization Tips  16 Oct, 2011

I recently stumbled on a post about optimizing a site for a sudden spike of traffic. Try as I might, I can't find it to link to it here. However, it got me thinking about optimizing this site a bit. It's often just little things that can be adding the milliseconds to your page load time, and low ... Read more >>>

Demo Store Upgrade  12 Oct, 2011

We have just finished upgrading our demo store to OpenCart 1.5.1, the latest at this point in time. OpenCart updates are becoming very regular. After waiting almost a year beyond expectation for OpenCart 1.5.0, only 3 months later we have seen a flurry of releases to Since the releases a... Read more >>>

CSV Import PRO Updates  10 Oct, 2011

We have done some major upgrades to our CSV Import PRO module recently, and there are more improvements on the horizon. For those who subscribe to our RSS feed, we thought we'd make a mention of it in case you want to get the latest version. Firstly, I must apologize. The release of the new u... Read more >>>

OpenCart 1.5.1 Review  27 Sep, 2011

OpenCart 1.5.1 has been out for a while now, but we've only just had the chance to try it on our own site. It's funny what a different perspective that brings! The only major change to 1.5.1 over 1.5.0 was the way the modules worked. This wasn't a change that would have any significance for anyon... Read more >>>

Site Redesign  23 Sep, 2011

You may have noticed that we have finally upgraded our site to OpenCart 1.5. This was a long process for us, because of the flurry of OpenCart version upgrades since OpenCart 1.5.0 was first released, including a further 1.4.9 release. We had a lot of module upgrade work today before we could att... Read more >>>

Scheduling Admin Functions  18 Jul, 2011

We have searched for some time for the best way to allow admin modules to be run on cron jobs, so that extensions like our CSV and XML Import PRO can be run automatically. This is the ideal way for an ecommerce store to update products and pricing, and while our modules are a step in the right di... Read more >>>

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