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We do design!  03 Jun, 2011

Recently HostJars took a step in a direction we have not ventured before. We hired a designer. Our product range is set to get more beautiful, with overhauls planned to many of our modules, our website and a few other offerings. Recently we released a User Guide for our CSV Import PRO module, whi... Read more >>>

Automate Product Import  03 Jun, 2011

A common question we get about our Import modules is "Can I set this up to run on a cron?" I like this question, because it sets the asker apart from the majority of customers that don't actually know about software automation through cron jobs. Cron jobs allow you to run a script a... Read more >>>

OpenCart 1.5.0 Review  26 Apr, 2011

OpenCart 1.5.0 is out today, you can download it from here. I've had a quick play to see how much work we're in for the next few weeks, and thought I'd share a few initial thoughts. My first impressions were not unsurprising given that it's a one man team at the moment. The... Read more >>>

OpenCart 1.5 Release Date  22 Apr, 2011

It looks like OpenCart 1.5.0 finally has a set release date. Easter Monday is the day! I will be among the first to download and give it a try, I'm sure it will be interesting and have some interesting frontend and backend features. For those of you who also take the plunge into the unkno... Read more >>>

XML Import PRO - Updated  22 Apr, 2011

Those of you who have used both the XML and CSV Import PRO modules, my two most popular modules (not including freebies), will have noticed that the CSV module is far advanced over the XML version. In fact, I have always recommended the CSV Import PRO module if you have the choice about which fee... Read more >>>

OpenCart SEO  18 Apr, 2011

SEO is a pretty hot topic for webmasters. Never before has the importance of being on page one of google been so great, and more and more webmasters and online business owners are realising this and taking action. OpenCart provides pretty good SEO features out of the box. The page layout is g... Read more >>>

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