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Upgrading OpenCart  12 Mar, 2011

OpenCart 1.5.0 has had release dates of as early as August 2010 thrown about, but here we are in March 2011 and there is still no sign of a stable release. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to upgrade a lot of HostJars modules and maybe even throw some out if they were already included in 1.5.... Read more >>>

Installing OpenCart Modules  06 Mar, 2011

So you've just purchased a new module and are confused about how to install it on your OpenCart store? Well you're in luck. You don't have to be too technical to achieve the installation of a new module or theme in OpenCart, but you will feel technical once you've done it! Here is a link t... Read more >>>

Did someone say new templates?  20 Feb, 2011

If you've been to this site before or used one of our extensions you'll know that we're big on functionality, but not so big on frontend. Well that's all changed! We now have a bunch of new themes thanks to our affiliation with ThemeForest. How does it work, you ask? Well for ... Read more >>>

CSV Import - Extra Fields  18 Feb, 2011

There are a few fields which the CSV Import PRO module still does not import. For some of them there are good reasons why they're not supported. For instance product options: There are just too many ways that product options can be represented in a CSV file. This leaves two options if I were ... Read more >>>

List View in OpenCart  27 Jan, 2011

As of OpenCart, there is still only one way to view products: Grid View. This layout is applied to category pages, manufacturer pages and search pages alike. In my experience the layout of products on all these pages does not have a one size fits all solution. For some sites grid view is ... Read more >>>

Improving OpenCart Search  22 Jan, 2011

This blog is about my road to improving my OpenCart search in version 1.4.9.x. I will use some terminology in this post that not all readers may be familiar with. To help you understand search maybe a little better, I've put some definitions at the bottom of this page. Reading those first wou... Read more >>>

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