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Writing OpenCart Modules  20 Jan, 2011

Writing OpenCart modules and extensions doesn't require as much understanding of OpenCart as plugins for other systems tend to. This makes it really easy to step up and write your own modules. I didn't realise how many people wanted to, or were already writing their own modules until I released t... Read more >>>

Installing Ecommerce Tracking  12 Jan, 2011

Most websites these days are using Google Analytics to track visitor entrance points, behaviour on site, exit points and referring sites, but for an ecommerce website, it is most helpful to consider these metrics in light of the bottom line - what customers are actually spending on your site. Out... Read more >>>

Coming Soon! Our new blog  06 Jan, 2011

Stay tuned to see our new blog which should have a few posts before long. We're going to focus on a few tips that can improve your OpenCart store, as well as a how-to area for writing modules and extensions. Check back in a short while for our first post. ... Read more >>>

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