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Happy HostJars Holidays!  16 Dec, 2014

Seasons Greetings!   HostJars will officially be closed for Christmas from December 21st to January 5th. We will not be responding to tickets during this time, but feel free to send through your enquiries and we will get back to you in the new year.   Have a very Merry C... Read more >>>

Simple guide to using Ajax in PrestaShop  29 Oct, 2014

I recently encountered a problem with the Ajax calls in our PrestaShop modules. The method we were using would not work at all if the store was set to maintenance mode, and for importing and exporting tools it is crucial that they work while the store is in maintenance mode. I discovered a work a... Read more >>>

OpenCart 2.0 live updates  05 Oct, 2014

We are currently in the process of completing our OpenCart 2.0 upgrades for release. We've discovered a whole bunch of changes that we thought would be useful for other developers upgrading extensions, so our dev team is going to be tweeting the little tips we find along the way live for your con... Read more >>>

AJAX Progress Bars and Total Import PRO  28 Sep, 2014

Matt has been busy working away not only on porting our most popular modules to Prestashop, but also improving some features in the process. One often requested feature is an AJAX import at Step 5 of Total Import PRO, which we are pleased to announce has been released. This means no more white sc... Read more >>>

OpenCart 2.0 Release  28 Sep, 2014

In my last blog post I talked about our OpenCart 2.0 upgrade efforts. With OpenCart 2.0 beta just anounced, we are revisiting this work to get everything nicely polished for the final release of a significant update to OpenCart. Most significantly, this release includes bootstrap templates for bo... Read more >>>

OpenCart 2.0 Module Upgrades  17 Feb, 2014

I've had the enjoyment the last few weeks of getting more involved in OpenCart 2.0 than I've ever been able to pre-release since 1.4.9. As we were modifying and enhancing our Demo Store reset script and at the same time creating an easy to set up dev environment involving git, our reset scri... Read more >>>

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