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Our New Product: OpenCart Jars!  04 Nov, 2013

We are excited to announce that our new product is available!  We now provide Jars, AKA Managed OpenCart Stores.  With our jars, we manage the administration of your store, and can install modules and themes for you, as well as automate product import and updates, depending on what leve... Read more >>>

Total Import PRO release: Simple Stock Update, Mijo, & More!  05 Nov, 2013

We've been listening to our favorite people, our customers! Based on your input, our developers have come up with an exciting new round of features for Total Import PRO. This version is available in your Downloads page. Simple Stock Update for Drop Shipping This is definitely a game chang... Read more >>>

Alert: Fake HostJars email accounts/phishing (not @hostjars.com)  28 Oct, 2013

It's come to our attention that a scammer has created a fake HostJars email address to contact our customers. We have received a report of this scammer emailing a customer and convincing them to make a payment to their fraudulent PayPal account. The fraudulent email and PayPal account steals our ... Read more >>>

Any Feed for Wholesalers: A Well-Oiled Exporting Machine  27 Sep, 2013

In my last blog I took a look into how Total Import PRO can make your dropshipping life easier and shave off hours of time. If you were feeling left out because you are a wholesaler, let’s explore the flip side to make your eCommerce experience as stress-free as possible! Do you u... Read more >>>

Drop shipping made easy with Total Import PRO  13 Sep, 2013

The title may sound misleading, because as many of you know, creating a successful drop shipping store definitely isn't as easy a it sounds. There’s the challenge of heavy competition, driving traffic to the store, SEO, profit margins, and more. But one thing every drop shipper shouldn’t have... Read more >>>

Duplicating OpenCart Modules  21 Feb, 2013

Are you interested in creating your own OpenCart modules? Check out our latest screencast on how to duplicate a module in OpenCart! Make sure you also check out the developer guide at http://doc.hostjars.com.   ... Read more >>>

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