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5 ways to improve customer satisfaction for your OpenCart store  09 Feb, 2013

The amount of effort you put into improving your customers’ online shopping experience can mean the difference between a boost and loss of sales. These days, customers have high standards for their online shopping experience; and if any of their expectations are compromised by a poor user-inter... Read more >>>

HostJars official documentation  05 Feb, 2013

Around two months ago we released our OpenCart documentation. OpenCart has recently consumed our documentation to make it the official documentation, both copied to and linked from the OpenCart site. PDF versions are available in our store, and we hope to add developer and designer guides as thes... Read more >>>

OpenCart development environment  04 Feb, 2013

We've been developing for many aspects of OpenCart for some time now, as you will be able to tell from our range of modules and import tools! We've also done a few Prestashop modules and other general PHP development work. A challenge that we've had for some time is how to set up a developme... Read more >>>

Seasons Greetings- store closed, and our gift to you!  21 Dec, 2012

Seaons Greetings! HostJars will officially be closed for Christmas break from December 24th to January 5th. As our gift to you, we have released the Developer Guide section of our OpenCart documentation just in time for the holidays! This documentation contains helpful too... Read more >>>

Any Feed - Overhaul  13 Nov, 2012

Today we completed one of our biggest product overhauls ever. The Any Feed module has seen a significant revamp. Here are some of the exciting new changes! Interface Overhaul The Any Feed module has gone through a significant design change. You may not even recognize it. For basic us... Read more >>>

Total Import PRO - Downloadable product and Multiple Row Support  17 Oct, 2012

We have just completed yet another exciting set of additions to the Total Import PRO. As always the latest version is available from your downloads page. Downloadable Products The Total Import PRO now supports the import of downloadable products. This will allow you to import a produ... Read more >>>

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