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Total Import PRO - Downloadable product and Multiple Row Support  17 Oct, 2012

We have just completed yet another exciting set of additions to the Total Import PRO. As always the latest version is available from your downloads page. Downloadable Products The Total Import PRO now supports the import of downloadable products. This will allow you to import a produ... Read more >>>

Total Import PRO Release - Image folders, operations and more!  23 Sep, 2012

We have just completed another exciting set of additions to the Total Import PRO. As always the latest version is available from your downloads page. Info Boxes The most obvious addition will be the 'Info' buttons that are now scattered throughout the module. These take you to targeted in... Read more >>>

We love feedback!  20 Sep, 2012

We've been putting a lot of work into improving our support channels lately. One of the lessons we've been learning is the value of feedback from users of our modules. We're actively seeking feedback by contacting a few of our import tool users, and have opened some new channels through which to ... Read more >>>

Open Cart Documentation Released  13 Sep, 2012

Some time ago we had a thought. What if all these questions had some clear answers somewhere! So we decided to act on this and make sure they did. As result we bring you our OpenCart documentation.   Our goal is to create a common source of information for all OpenCart needs, wh... Read more >>>

OpenCart 1.5.4 released  23 Aug, 2012

OpenCart 1.5.4 Updates OpenCart 1.5.4 was recently released, with a number of nice changes. Products now have more searchable fields, such as ISBN, UPC and EAN. This is most notable in your products area. There are also some nice new supported features like Fedex, Auspost, P... Read more >>>

Customer Support Enhanced  30 Jul, 2012

  We have recently turbo charged our customer support with a new ticketing system, knowledge base and overhaul of the way we get solutions to you. This will improve our response time, consistency and our ability to provide the answers you need. If you have any questions or suggestion... Read more >>>

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