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OpenCart Released  30 May, 2012

The OpenCart 1.5.3 version release arrived last week, with very little to say for itself. I'm not exactly sure what new features were in it that prevented it from being a One nice new feature is the option to remove category counts. This was previously available as a module on the OpenCa... Read more >>>

vQmod for OpenCart  13 May, 2012

For quite some time we've intended to release vQmods for all our modules that require core modifications. We have now created several vQmods. This means that more of our modules are simply upload and go as far as installation is concerned - provided you have vQmod installed on your store. Wha... Read more >>>

OpenCart with CloudCache CDN  08 May, 2012

I'm excited to announce a new partnership with CloudCache who have sponsored the creation of our new OpenCart CDN integration module. We will be making this module available for free here in the next few days, superseding our existing MaxCDN integration service. CloudCache have also made a sp... Read more >>>

OpenCart 1.5.2 Upgrades Complete  06 May, 2012

Just a quick announcement to let you know our OpenCart 1.5.2 upgrades are complete. We have upgraded our Version categories on the site, as well as the product images, to indicate which versions each module is compatible with. By and large, very few modules were discontinued with the OpenCart 1.5... Read more >>>

Total Import PRO - Profiles and more  19 Apr, 2012

It seems like requests come in clusters. In the last five months we've had no requests for product option sort order import in Total Import PRO, until the last 3 weeks we've had the request five separate times. This makes it easy to justify adding the feature for everyone, and so we have created ... Read more >>>

Module Upgrades for OC1.5.2  05 Mar, 2012

Before everybody fires through questions about module upgrades for OpenCart 1.5.2, please be aware that we are busy testing the new OpenCart version and making any necessary changes. This process takes time, as we need to be thorough. Initial testing suggests that very little has changed in terms... Read more >>>

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