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OpenCart 1.5.2 Released  05 Mar, 2012

Here at HostJars we get enquiries about all sorts of OpenCart version numbers, some real, some imaginary. Whenever anyone gets the numbers mixed up, I get a little fright and wonder if I've missed a release: "does Total Import PRO support OpenCart" (meaning Each time I check wh... Read more >>>

Total Import PRO - Attributes and other updates  17 Feb, 2012

This week Lars has been hard at work finalizing and testing the latest changes to the Total Import PRO. We have a number of new features and updates that many users have been asking for. Attributes The latest update allows more fine tuned control over product attribute import. OpenCart re... Read more >>>

Module Creator Relased  17 Feb, 2012

Today we have released an exciting module that we blogged about a short time ago. The Module Creator allows you to create your own modules for OpenCart from within your OpenCart store. Download it and take a look for yourself, if you create OpenCart modules on a regular basis, this one will ... Read more >>>

Total Import PRO - Operations  01 Feb, 2012

Total Import PRO is an impressive module in itself, allowing you to import products from XML or CSV files to your open cart store. We have now further improved this module to allow you to modify the data going into your store during the import process, we call these import adjustments 'Operations... Read more >>>

Top 5 OpenCart Extensions  19 Jan, 2012

Over the last year I've seen a number of OpenCart extensions rise and fall in popularity. I have purchased several modules and themes myself, with varying levels of success. Here is a list of the Top 5 Extensions I recommend for your OpenCart store! 1. CSV Import PRO I may be a littl... Read more >>>

Module Creator - easily writing new OpenCart modules  10 Jan, 2012

Ever since we released the DIY Module Builder module, a step by step instruction guide with skeleton module for building your own modules in OpenCart, it has been our number one download from our store. Our previous blog on how to write OpenCart modules is also our number one visited blog. So we'... Read more >>>

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