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Total Import PRO updates  10 Jan, 2012

We have been working hard gathering together all the feedback we have received in the past month since launching the beta version of Total Import PRO. We have implemented a number of changes based on this feedback, including additional features, User Guide improvements, better error messages and ... Read more >>>

HostJars Affiliates  08 Jan, 2012

We have launched an official Affiliate program this week. If you have been recommending our modules to your customers, friends, or linking to us on your site, you can now benefit from a referral commission. Affiliate referrals will generate a 10% commission on all products purchased. Higher volum... Read more >>>

OpenCart with CDN  08 Jan, 2012

***MaxCDN Integration now released*** We've been running some tests with OpenCart and MaxCDN to see if using a content delivery network will speed up our store. So far results are encouraging, with the CDN serving up images slightly faster than usual. Results with CDNs tend to be bett... Read more >>>

Swedish and Arabic Languages  28 Dec, 2011

We have a number of changes planned for the new year. One of these is to offer some of our existing modules and tools in different languages. We will start with our most popular tools - the XML Import PRO, CSV Import PRO and Total Import PRO, translating these to Swedish and Arabic. From here we ... Read more >>>

Enhanced Autosuggest  22 Dec, 2011

You may have noticed that our site has a new and improved Autosuggest module functioning in the search box. This is a pretty cool feature that allows you to bypass the search altogether if you want, and go straight to the product pages. It's quite a good way of getting real-time, AJAX effect feed... Read more >>>

Video Tutorial Update  22 Dec, 2011

For quite a while, more customers than anticipated have been using the CSV Import PRO YouTube video to figure out how to use the module best. This video was created very early, on OpenCart 1.4.9. The CSV Import PRO has been rapidly improving ever since, so the video got outdated pretty quick... Read more >>>

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