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Poll Results: CSV Import PRO  20 Dec, 2011

Shortly I'll be taking the current poll down and putting up something new. Before I do, I just want to comment on the results! I'm not sure if the majority of responses accumulated at the top because so many of you want to see product options, or because you were unimaginatively testing the P... Read more >>>

New Modules for 2012  15 Dec, 2011

We're currently in the process of scoping out some new modules for 2012. Without giving away too much, I'd just like to say we have some big plans for early next year. With the staged release of the Total Import PRO well under way, with a good level of involvement in the Beta testing phase, we ar... Read more >>>

Low quality extensions  12 Dec, 2011

Recently I wanted a little piece of functionality on the HostJars store - a Q & A section, so that people could post questions on each product rather than in reviews or unrelated blog posts. Rather than taking the time to create the functionality myself, I purchased a module from the OpenCart... Read more >>>

Total Import PRO, easy product import  10 Dec, 2011

Over the last year as the percentage of my time spent working at HostJars has switched from largely writing code to largely writing emails, I haven't been able to put together anything new for a while. This last month things have quietened down enough for me to put some real work into an exc... Read more >>>

Ecommerce Tracking Update  25 Nov, 2011

Good news has come for those who have been asking about our ecommerce tracking module recently: We have upgraded it today for use with OpenCart 1.5.0 and 1.5.1. You can download it on our website for free, or make a small donation to both us and the OpenCart team by purchasing it from the OpenCar... Read more >>>

Modules: Install & Uninstall  16 Oct, 2011

I wrote a post about writing OpenCart modules earlier, accompanying the release of the DIY Module. Things have advanced since then, with OpenCart 1.5+ released, and the changes this has brought. The fundamental ideas of MVC haven't changed, and OpenCart still implements them in the same way, but ... Read more >>>

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