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Poll Module lets you create a multi-question poll on your site. Get customer input on your latest products and services! You can have one poll active and as many as you like saved for future use. Additional Resources: See our Blog pages for a demonstration. Try out Pol..
US$60.00 US$40.00
Search Improved
  The search function is seldom the best loved feature of the OpenCart platform. As we all know, having a limited search function can have a detrimental effect to an online store’s conversion rates. Help increase your store’s conversion rate by increasing your search volume with Search I..
US$85.00 US$55.00
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Spelling Suggestions
Our Spelling Suggestions tool make your search more dynamic with spelling suggestions for failed queries.  This module provides spelling suggestions based on your product titles for any search query that returns no results, presenting a link to a search query that will provide results. ..
US$35.00 US$30.00
Technical Assistance
Having trouble importing your CSV or XML feed into OpenCart? Sometimes, these formats can be difficult to get up and running due to Excel peculiarities, extra or missing commas, and other elusive issues. HostJars has years of experience dealing with these formats and will be able to troubleshoot ..
MaxCDN Integration
Content Delivery Networks can greatly improve the speed of your site as seen by your customers, and offer some redundancy for outages. Sign up at MaxCDN for as little as $39.95 to get started, and then purchase this Service and we will integrate your OpenCart store with MaxCDN's content deli..

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