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AutoSuggest AutoSuggest
Product Code: MOD03
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Price: US$40.00 US$30.00
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AutoSuggest improves your search box by making product suggestions for them as they type.  Help your customers help themselves with this HostJars module based on the jQuery UI Autocomplete widget.

Improve your sales by making it easier and faster for your customers to find what they want on your store.  If you have any styling preferences, all you need to edit is just one CSS file - as it should be.

Additional Resources:

  • The search box on this site uses an advanced Autosuggest, not this one. Check out the search box on the demo site to see the Autosuggest in action:


  • Please do your research before buying to make sure this is what you need, as we do not do refunds.
  • This is not guaranteed to work with any core modifications.


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