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OpenCart RESTful API

OpenCart RESTful API
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You know OpenCart has all your customers, products, orders, reviews and other information, but have you ever felt like it was locking you out? Well now you can define the way you relate with your shop, using a RESTful OpenCart API.

Our OpenCart API extension defines the core requirements for a RESTful API, and a couple of example functions for you to play with. You can extend it with your own functions based on your requirements. Instructions are included with the download.

Look at the database once, define a function to access it later and you have unlimited control over your shop from then on.

Example functions include:
  • getProducts()
  • getProductDescription(product_id)
  • getOrders()
  • getCustomers()
  • deleteProduct(product_id)

API can be called like so (a GET request):

OR like so (with rewrite rules in place):


  • This module is provided for developers with some understanding of how RESTful APIs work, the ability to write simple SQL queries to access data, and some OpenCart internal knowledge.
  • This module only includes the 5 example functions listed above. Custom functions may be created by the user following the instructions included in the install.txt. 

Additonal Resources:

  • Visit our knowledge base for more information on the OpenCart API extension

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