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OpenCart v1.4.9

Check out our range of products available for use in your OpenCart store running version 1.4.9.

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Image Fetcher
This script replaces the existing OpenCart image resizing functionality to add image fetching capabilities. If your supplier only offers image links in their feed, then this module can fetch them to allow OpenCart to work with your remote image links. This is a good companion for CSV or XML I..
US$85.00 US$65.00
Based on 5 reviews.
Installation Service
Our Installation Service is compatible with all of our modules.  If you have already purchased a module and now require installation, you should purchase this product.  Once we receive your order, we will e-mail you regarding your installation. We require the following informat..
Opencart Consultation Service
Having trouble with the details in your Opencart store? Have our experienced technicans take a detailed look at your shop which will free up your time and allow you to continue doing what you do best, running your online store. HostJars has years of experience dealing with Opencart and w..
OpenCart RESTful API
You know OpenCart has all your customers, products, orders, reviews and other information, but have you ever felt like it was locking you out? Well now you can define the way you relate with your shop, using a RESTful OpenCart API. Our OpenCart API extension defines the core requirements..
US$50.00 US$40.00
Based on 2 reviews.
OpenCart Sample User Guide PDF
Here is a sample of our user guide. Our definitive source of up to date OpenCart information, the HostJars OpenCart wiki is also available in PDF. This sample is here so you get a good idea of what you are contributing to in our primary guide: http://opencart.hostjars.com/docume..
Order Export
Overview Order Export exports your order information from OpenCart into a CSV file allowing you to import it into your accounting or other software systems. This extension makes it easy to integrate OpenCart order system with other applications that you use. HostJars is the leader ..
US$50.00 US$45.00
Based on 5 reviews.
PayLink Gateway
Our PayLink Gateway module allows you to easily integrate PayLink as a payment option for your customers! NOTE: Please do your research before buying to make sure this is what you need, as we do not do refunds. This is not guaranteed to work with any core modifications..
PriceSpy Feed
PriceSpy Feed will produce a product feed from your OpenCart store in the format required by PriceSpy NZ.  Save time, let PriceSpy Feed do the work for you. NOTE: Please do your research before buying to make sure this is what you need, as we do not do refunds. ..
US$31.00 US$20.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Random Products
Our Random Products module operates similar to OpenCart's default "Featured" module, except the products displayed are randomly generated, allowing you to display more of your products to your customers. Keep your site looking dynamic and new everytime by taking advantage of this mod..
US$35.00 US$30.00
Search Improved
  The search function is seldom the best loved feature of the OpenCart platform. As we all know, having a limited search function can have a detrimental effect to an online store’s conversion rates. Help increase your store’s conversion rate by increasing your search volume with Search I..
US$85.00 US$55.00
Based on 2 reviews.

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