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Search Improved

Search Improved
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The search function is seldom the best loved feature of the OpenCart platform. As we all know, having a limited search function can have a detrimental effect to an online store’s conversion rates. Help increase your store’s conversion rate by increasing your search volume with Search Improved!

Our module Search Improved solves the search problems by integrating Zend_Search_Lucene, a PHP port of the industry standard Java Lucene search technology, with OpenCart.  Zend_Search_Lucene builds an index from your database and queries the index rather than putting the load on your database. Search Improved provides the foundation for a responsive search that orders results by relevance, not the order your products went into your database


  • Stemming - searches for boats, boating, boated, boater, all return results for boat.
  • Sort by relevance - the existing OpenCart sort prioritizes items by the order they were added. Search Improved sorts by relevance to the keyword.
  • Search Descriptions by default - Automatically searches product descriptions.
  • Tokenizer - multi word search terms are treated as single words (or tokens), meaning items that don't have the exact phrase match are still returned if it contains all the words in the search term.
  • And more -

Finally, a search for OpenCart that works! A must-have for large product inventories. For smaller inventories, please see our related products.

Additional Tools:
  •  Visit our knowledge base to see how automatic search indexing works for Search Improved.


  • Does not work with non-UTF-8 characters.
  • Does not work with Greek characters.
  • Please do your research before buying to make sure this is what you need, as we do not do refunds.
  • This is not guaranteed to work with any core modifications.

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